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Rod Asanaphon


Rod Asanaphon was born in Thailand in 1922. Prior to his military service, he was a teacher. He was drafted into the Thai Army and assigned duty as a medical assistant. He was in the first batch of soldiers that were sent from Thailand to serve in the Korean War. He found the country to be much like his homeland, and he witnessed all of the Korean people working hard to survive the war. When his time in Korea was finished, he returned to the classroom. His experience was never talked about much in school or at home. Having never revisited Korea, he has been pleased to hear of the progress made there.

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Life After the War

Rod Asanaphon discusses making the transition back into civilian life after his service in Korea. He describes going back into the classroom but never discussing his experiences of the war. He recalls how he felt the students were uninterested in the Korean War.

Tags: Home front,Living conditions,Message to Students

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