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Rajindar Chatrath


Rajiv Chatrath is the son of Korean War Veteran, Colonel Rajindar Chatrath. His father was born on September 19, 1923, and passed away on May 18, 2018. Rajiv was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India on October 9, 1957. There is a rich military history in the Chatrath family, with both Colonel Chatrath’s great grandfather and grandfather fighting in wars during their lifetimes.  Colonel Chatrath was a civilian worker in the British Royal Air Force and studied in schools in both Delhi and Shimla, India. Colonel Chatrath later attended Saint Stephen’s College in Delhi and a medical college in a city now located in Pakistan. He earned his permanent commission in 1952 and later became a part of the Armistice Commission of India, treating North Korean prisoners of war (POWs) from August 1953 until March 1954.

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Stories from His Father

Rajiv Chatrath shares stories of his father's experience in Korea. His father went to Toyko and Hiroshima, Japan for Rest and Relaxation. He also reads some of his father's notes about the war and postwar when he was able to revisit Korea in the 2000s. His father attended the Revisit Korea program and was able to meet the Korean Ambassador. He recalls his father mentioning how hard-working the Korean people are.

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