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Mike Muller


Mike Muller was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1930. He was a career Air Force officer rising to the rank of Lieutenant-General.  He served in the South African Airforce 2 Squadron nicknamed the Cheetah Squadron that formed part of the US Air Force 18th Fighter Bomber wing as a young 2nd Lieutenant. He flew 72 missions over Korea in missions ranging from close ground support to attacking enemy supply lines flying American F-51 Mustangs. He was shot down north of Pyongyang in the fall of 1951 but was quickly rescued by helicopter. He remembers the camaraderie and gratitude of the Korean people fondly.

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The Cheetah Squadron

Mike Muller discusses his air unit in Korea. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2 Cheetah Squadron that earned fame in North Africa and Italy in World War II. He and his comrades replaced many of these WWII heroes, forming the new Cheetah Squadron of young airmen in Korea.

Tags: Basic training,Pride

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Shot Down

Mike Muller describes his 72nd mission in Korea when he was shot down on Sept. 29, 1951 north of Pyongyang. He was forced to jump from the cockpit of his F-51 Mustang and parachute to safety. He waited four hours in enemy territory before he was rescued.

Tags: Pyungyang,Fear,Physical destruction,Weapons

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Dangerous Moments in the Skies

Mike Muller describes his most dangerous moments flying in Korea. He discusses two difficult landings, one with without flaps (brakes) and one with no wheels down. He recalls sustaining damage from bombing debris and narrowly clearing a hill after a low attack.

Tags: Physical destruction,Weapons

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