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Mehmet Arif Boran


Mehmet Arif Boran served in the Turkish Infantry during the Korean War. He was part of the third group of Turkish soldiers. This group saw heavy fighting at Sandbag Castle and the Nevada Complex. Turkish soldiers generally served for twenty four months. However, due to heavy fighting and the importance of the Nevada Complex, Mehmet Arif Boran and other third group infantry served an addition four months as volunteers. He was injured from an artillery shell. However, he is proud of his service. He is delighted at what Korea has become and has a love for Koreans.

Video Clips

Tape and a Coke

Mehmet Arif Boran describes being injured from artillery shrapnel. The artillery shell hit a tree and exploded overhead instead of on his position. The doctors were able to pull out his shrapnel in about five minutes. They put some numbing tape on his wound and gave him a Coke. He reported back with his unit. However, two fellow soldiers were not so lucky. They had pretty serious injuries and Mehmet Arif Boran could not even go see them.

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A State of Misery

Mehmet Arif Boran describes the fighting in the Vegas Complex and the state of the Korean people. He describes how when the Turks surrendered Vegas Hill, injured troops were in the valley. Dead bodies started to stink. The Chinese would not let the Turkish soldiers recover their injured and dead.

Tags: Panmunjeom,Chinese,Front lines,Personal Loss

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We Shed Our Blood for Korea

Mehmet Arif Boran describes his revisit to Korea. He is very proud of Korea's accomplishments. He calls Korea, Super Korea due to the buildings and accomplishments. Mehmet Arif Boran would stay in Korea if asked.

Tags: Seoul,Message to Students,Modern Korea,Pride

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