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Loannis Farazakis


Loannis Farazakis discussing knowing nothing about Korea before arriving there. He shares with the help of a translator how he was on the front lines against North Korea. He explains scenes of activity he experiences during his time in Korea. He explains how he was wounded on the front lines. He shares his pride in the growth of Korea and how the youth of Greece know of this growth.


Video Clips

A Piece of Missile to Keep

Loannis Farazakis describes several scenes of fighting with the help of a translator. He explains how his Company was attacked by North Korean artillery. He discusses how his unit, as well as an American jeep, were hit by fire. He explains how he didn't wear his metal helmet and he was hit by shrapnel in his head. He explains how he was not seriously injured.

Tags: Front lines,North Koreans,Weapons

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One Sentence Letter

Loannis Farazakis describes his mother waiting to hear from him. He explains how he wrote her a letter with one sentence. He shares how he sent it home.

Tags: Front lines,Letters

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Korea Then and Now

Loannis Farazakis explains his amazement in South Korea's growth in such a short time. He was impressed by the economic growth. He also shares his pride in being part of the war and seeing the South Korean people become democratic.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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