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Inga-Britt Jagland


Inga-Britt Jagland served for the Swedish Red Cross during the Korean War in Busan. Inga-Britt Jagland was born in Stockholm and trained for four years in nursing school. She volunteered to come to Korea in 1954. She served in the tuberculosis ward at first and then moved to the injured soldier ward. Inga-Britt Jagland achieved head nurse and the rank of First Lieutenant. She also met her husband, who was also a volunteer with the Swedish Red Cross. She has many fond memories of the country she served in.

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Agony of the Wounded

Inga-Britt Jagland describes the anguish of the wounded soldiers. Men who were injured and lost limbs agonized over the future. Inga-Britt Jagland broke protocol and would comfort these men, reassuring them. Above all, Inga-Britt Jagland describes a nurse's role was not just care, but comfort.

Tags: Busan,Fear,Front lines,Pride

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Rules for Nurses

Inga-Britt Jagland describes rules that the US military assigned for nurses. Nurses could not take men into their bedroom. If a nurse broke the rules, the punishment was being banned from the United States. Members of the Swedish Red Cross were paid by the US military. Inga-Britt Jagland earned the rank of First Lieutenant.

Tags: Busan,Basic training,Living conditions,Pride,Women

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Nurse Work

Inga-Britt Jagland describes her work as a nurse. Originally, she worked in the tuberculosis ward. However, the Red Cross started to take UN soldiers fighting in the North. These men were only there for two or three days before evacuated to Japan. A nurse would work from 6am to 10pm, caring for men that had serious injuries. Some men would panic and need restraint from other marines.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Front lines,Personal Loss,Physical destruction,Poverty,South Koreans

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Civilian Suffering

Inga-Britt Jagland describes being very happy to be in Korea. The people of Korea were so friendly and thankful for the help. The country was so beautiful with a sunrise over the mountains. With all the beauty, the people were suffering. Some children had no legs or arms. Inga-Britt Haglund also describes providing food to Korean children.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Orphanage,Physical destruction,Poverty,South Koreans

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Big Love in Busan

Inga-Britt Jagland describes meeting her future husband in war-torn Busan. She met him at a Swedish spring festival. He slipped her vodka and orange juice. He was a driver taking people back to their villages for the Red Cross.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Living conditions,Personal Loss,Physical destruction,Poverty,South Koreans

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