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Frank Bewley


Frank Bewley was born in London, England in 1931. He grew up and had an interest in the military, so he joined the Royal Navy in 1948. Throughout his interview, he shares what it was like during his service, including traveling to many different countries. He explains how he knew very little about Korea and really only learned about it from servicemen who had been there. However, he was soon sent to Korea and served on the HMS Glory. He remembers what life was like on the aircraft carrier and what it was like to prepare for Korea. He also recalls how he felt when he lost the pilot assigned to his squadron. Frank Bewley is proud of his service.

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Previous Knowledge of Korea

Frank Bewley explains how he first heard about Korea, a place he knew little about even though he had read a lot about other places. He knew that a few aircraft from World War II were there. He explains that he got newspapers with a little information, but most of the updates came from servicemen who had been there.

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Serving on the HMS Glory

Frank Bewley served on the HMS Glory during the Korean War. He explains what it was like to be on this aircraft carrier, including the work that he had to do and how the squadrons were broken up with various engineers. He also shares about the living conditions, explaining that he did not like where they had to sleep.

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Life on the Carrier

Frank Bewley explains what it was like on the carrier while preparing for Korea. He remembers the items, including food and weapons that were loaded. He also explains how they had to travel with the wind for support, clean the windows, and run routine pre-flight checks.

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Losing a Pilot

Frank Bewley shares what it was like to lose the pilot assigned to his squadron. He remembers feeling “lost” when his aircraft was gone. He also explains how he knew the pilot’s story so it was really hard to know that he was gone.

Tags: Living conditions,Personal Loss

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