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Eingred Fredh


Eingred Fredh served in the Swedish Red Cross during the Korean War. She served as a teacher for nurses in Sweden when the war broke out. Consequently, she signed up for Korea on advice from a doctor at the hospital. Engred Fredh went to Korea in 1953 and served in Busan. In Korea, she served as a nurse in many different positions. Most of her patients were Korean civilians. In addition, Engred Fredh met her husband in Korea, who was a doctor. She is happy of her service and glad she could help the Korean people.

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Contrast of Korea

Eingred Fredh describes the people of Busan. The people she cared for at the hospital were better off than the people in the city. There were many children without parents and clothes in Busan. The children were begging for anything and desperate. Eingred Fredh also describes her one day off from work a week. For instance, she would go to the beaches or the mountains during her time off.

Tags: Busan,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Poverty,Rest and Relaxation (R&R),South Koreans

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Descriptions of Korea

Eingred Fredh describes the Korea she saw. She was very happy she volunteered. There were many refugees and people in bad ways. She worked six days a week in various wards at the hospital. In one ward she would care for soldiers. In another ward there were many patients had tuberculosis. As the war pushed North, away from Busan, she cared for more civilians.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Living conditions,Poverty,Rest and Relaxation (R&R),South Koreans,Women

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Transformation of Korea

Eingred Fredh describes the transformation of Busan since the war. None of the landmarks that she remembered were still there. The building were much taller and everything is rebuild. She does like the transformation. However, she likes to live a little calmer than the hustle of a large city. Citizen of Korea, though, are very thankful for her service to them during the Korean War.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Modern Korea,South Koreans

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