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Jutta Andersson

Video screen capture: Jutta Andersson

Jutta Andersson served in Korea as part of the Swedish Red Cross as a Step-Nurse. Born in Germany, Jutta Andersson's family first moved to Latvia and then migrated to Stockholm, Sweden after WWII when she was twelve. She originally signed up for going to Korea because she thought it would be an adventure while attending nursing school in Stockholm. The Swedish Red Cross was one of the first hospitals in Korea and treated their first patient on September 25, 1950. Jutta Andersson ultimately served in Korea as a step-nurse for three months servicing both Allied and Communist (POW) forces.

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Eingred Fredh

Video screen capture: Eingred Fredh

Eingred Fredh served in the Swedish Red Cross during the Korean War. She served as a teacher for nurses in Sweden when the war broke out. Consequently, she signed up for Korea on advice from a doctor at the hospital. Engred Fredh went to Korea in 1953 and served in Busan. In Korea, she served as a nurse in many different positions. Most of her patients were Korean civilians. In addition, Engred Fredh met her husband in Korea, who was a doctor. She is happy of her service and glad she could help the Korean people.

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Roland Fredh

Video screen capture: Roland Fredh

Roland Fredh served in the Swedish Red Cross during the Korean War. He worked as part of the operating team on two different tours. Roland Fredh, first went to Korea in 1950. He left Korea after six months, but later returned in 1952. The first tour had Roland Fredh helping combat wounds like napalm. On the other hand his second tour in 1952 dealt with many civilians. Roland Fredh also met his wife in Korea, who also served with the Swedish Red Cross as a nurse. While in Korea, he also played on an amateur soccer team that traveled to play around Korea. He is proud of his service and happy he could help so many people in need.

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Inga Jagland

Video screen capture: Inga Jagland

Inga-Britt Jagland served for the Swedish Red Cross during the Korean War in Busan. Inga-Britt Jagland was born in Stockholm and trained for four years in nursing school. She volunteered to come to Korea in 1954. She served in the tuberculosis ward at first and then moved to the injured soldier ward. Inga-Britt Jagland achieved head nurse and the rank of First Lieutenant. She also met her husband, who was also a volunteer with the Swedish Red Cross. She has many fond memories of the country she served in.

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Sangmoon Olsson

Video screen capture: Sangmoon Olsson

Sangmoon Olsson was born in Daejeon, South Korea under Japanese Imperial rule on November 30, 1933. Her experiences of the oppression that she endured as a child still impact her today. During the Korean War she and her brother had to go into hiding for eight months, because the Communists wanted to capture her brother. Sangmoon Olsson completed nursing school, a profession her brother chose for her and graduated in 1954. She went to work at the Swedish Military Hospital, where she met her future husband. Sangmoon Olsson has revisited Korea many times and is amazed by the rebuilding of her birth country.

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