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Aristofaris Androulakis

Video screen capture: Aristofaris Androulakis

Aristofaris Androulakis was a Greek Forces Sergeant in the Korean War. He shares how he was a bus driver before joining the war. During the war, he explains that he helped with the transportation of weapons. He shares his pride in what he did during the war near what is known as the Iron Triangle. He discusses the hardships he saw during his service. He shares his views on how Korea has changed all these years later. He shares photos from the war including himself as a soldier.

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Loannis Farazakis

Video screen capture: Loannis  Farazakis

Loannis Farazakis discussing knowing nothing about Korea before arriving there. He shares with the help of a translator how he was on the front lines against North Korea. He explains scenes of activity he experiences during his time in Korea. He explains how he was wounded on the front lines. He shares his pride in the growth of Korea and how the youth of Greece know of this growth.  

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Georgios "George" Hahlioutis 

Video screen capture: Georgios "George" Hahlioutis 

Georgios "George" Hahlioutis was born in 1931 during the war. He discusses his schooling as a child. He explains how he felt he wanted to save the country of Korea and was willing to risk his life. He shares how he will remember the Korean people for the rest of his life.

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George Loutas

Video screen capture: George Loutas

George Loutas offers a brief account of his Korean War experience.

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Dimitrios Matsoukas

Video screen capture: Dimitrios Matsoukas

Dimitrios Matsoukas shares stories of his brother, 1st Lt George Matsoukas, an army officer in the Greek Expeditionary Force. George Matsoukas arrived in Pusan in August of 1951 and commanded men in two major engagements on the Korean Peninsula. Dimitrios Matsoukas describes the battles and shares details of George Matsoukas' sacrifice. Additionally, Dimitrios Matsoukas shares photos, correspondence and other memories that exemplify the rich legacy of his brother George Matsoukas and of all of the Greek heroes who bravely served in the Korean War.

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Filis Nikoldos

Video screen capture: Filis Nikoldos

Filis Nikoldos volunteered to serve in the Korean War. He remembers graphic memories, as shared by his wife, of his time in Korea as he saw disaster and found ruins of houses, people massacred, babies crying on the bodies of their dead parents, and poverty. He did not think solely of protecting his own life while serving. He even took measures to ensure that he was not captured alive by the Chinese by keeping a bullet aside if the circumstance arose. He is proud of his service and the opportunity given to assist in helping stop the devastating war.

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Sotirios Patrakis

Video screen capture: Sotirios Patrakis

Sotirios Patrakis details his pathway to involvement with Korean War veterans. He comments on his visit to South Korea for a convention commemorating the start of the Korean War and warmly describes his experience with the South Korean people while there. He states that this encounter prompted him to become involved with the veterans upon is return to Greece. He shares his thoughts on preserving the memory of Korean War veterans' service and on educating youth about the war. He is proud of all efforts and offers a congratulatory message to the Korean War veterans from Greece for their willingness to serve as well as to the South Korean people for their economic progress since the war.

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Emmanuel Pitsoulaki

Video screen capture: Emmanuel Pitsoulaki

Emmanuel Pitsoulaki draws parallels between his life during the German occupation and what he witnessed while he served in the Korean War. Emmanuel Pitsoulaki had little knowledge of the Korean Peninsula prior to his service. He served from September of 1954 until 1955. He describes the destruction and famine he witnessed while serving. The destruction and famine serve as reminders of his own life.

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