An Invitation to KWV Youth Corps 2nd Convention

President/ Dr. Jongwoo Han
KWV Legacy Foundation, Inc.

To my Heroes, the Korean War Veterans and Your Descendants,

It is my greatest pleasure and honor to announce the 2nd Convention of KWV Youth Corps in Washington D.C. from July 25 to 28, this year. The KWV Youth Corps (KWV YC) was launched on July 26, 2013 in Washington D.C. when we gathered in nation’s capital to celebrate the 60th Anniversaries of the US-Korea Alliance and the Armistice. The KWV Digital Memorial Foundation formed KWV YC, which is a KWV descendant organization (your grandchildren or great grandchildren in high school and colleges in their 20s and 30s) in order to keep your legacy. With supports and encouragements from the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and Korean companies, both KWVDM Foundation and KWV YC will invite about 100 descendants of KWVs to a 4-day program in the Hyatt Arlington Hoteland engage in several activates that will educate them to preserve your memories and promote the legacy of the Korean War and your sacrifices (Please refer to the program agenda)

The KWV Digital Memorial Foundation will cover every expense including hotel rooms, meals, D.C. transportation, and other program fees with two exceptions: each participant pay 50% of their transportation cost and a registration fee of $50. We ask that you make your own transportation to the Convention in Washington, D.C.The registration form which is due on May 15, 2014 (late registration due on June 2 with a late registration fee of $80) is available at or

If you and your family are interested in attending the 2nd annual Korean War Veterans Youth Corps Convention and learning more about who we are as a descendant organization, please fill out and complete this registration form (a check of registration fee payable to “KWVDM Foundation”) and submit either online through the link provided or mail to Jongwoo Han at P.O. Box 808, Syracuse, NY 13214-0808. Parents are also welcomed to participate in this program with the same a low rate for hotel rooms if you let us know far in advance. However, Parents should cover their meals and other cost including trasporation. KWVA Board members including President Larry Kinard and other interested KWVs will participate too.

This registration form will serve as a request to become a member in the KWV Youth Corps. Therefore, we are requesting your descendant's basic personal information, verification of your service in the Korean War, and a brief essay written by your descendant about their background and interest in attending the Convention. If you or your descendant knows of any other Korean War veteran families, we would greatly appreciate if you could refer them to us to also become involved. Please note, if your descendant would like to participate in a visual presentation of an unsung story of a Korean War veteran, they will be entered into a competition to win a $500 scholarship offered by the KWV Digital Memorial Foundation!

For more information, questions, or concerns, you can find our contact information within the registration form. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or concern on the convention: Dayne Weber (President of KWVYC,, 724-822-8900) or KWVDM Foundation President Jongwoo Han (, 315-480-9427).