William J. O'Kane

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William O'Kane (81) was born in East Syracuse, NY. He was employed by NY Central Railroad in Syracuse before he enlisted. He carried out his military service from August 1951 to August 1954. During his service period, O’Kane went to Sokchori, Korea and was stationed at 1st Marine Division from March 1952 to March 1953. He served in HQ 1st Battalion 11th Marines as a Private Sergeant before being discharged. He was a telephone lineman and a wireman. He received medals for Good Conduct and Meritious Promotion to CPL. After returning to the United States, O’Kane went to Camp Pendleton, NC and then cruised the Mediterranean. Afterwards, he returned to NY Central Railroad, and then went to X-Ray school once he was discharged from military service.


Bill O'KANE holding his gun

Bodies of enemy

Body of a Chinese soldier

Artillery canon

Korean service corps carrying barrels with a Korean A-frame on their back

SEOUL - downtown

A Korean man carrying a Korean A-frame

A Korean old man wearing traditional outfits and an US soldier

Imjean river, broken bridge

A distant view of mountain with smoke going up

Propaganda banner

Three of topless soldiers

Bill O'kane and his friends at christmas decoration

Bill O'kane wearing fur coat in middle of snow

Korean Money one thousand won (back)

Korean Money one thousand won (front)

Certificate of service by USMC (front)

Certificate of service by USMC (back)

Military Payment certificate Five cents (front)

Military Payment certificate Five cents (back)

A distributed calender card for soldier

A distributed card with tips for preventing injury on it

Handkerchief that a map of Korean peninsula is painted on it

The Korean Marine Corps 1

The Korean Marine Corps 2

The Korean Marine Corps 3

The Korean Marine Corps 3

The Korean Marine Corps
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