Ray Green

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Ray Green was born in Glenbrook, CT. He was working at a factory job in Stamford, CT when he was drafted. His military service was carried out from November 1952 to November 1954. During his period of service, he entered Pusan, Korea, and was sent as a replacement to Heartbreak Ridge (May 1953), Kojido Island (with the 40th Division), Bloody Ridge (before, during, and after July 27) and White Mountain (September 1953) from May 12, 1953 to July 12, 1954. He served in the 40th Infantry Division, 160th Regt. Combat Team Co., as a PVT upon entering and a SGT before his discharge. He was in charge of the infantry before the cease-fire and communications after the cease-fire, and he participated in Heartbreak Ridge and Bloody Ridge. He received the CIB, United Nations Medal, Korean Service Medal with Bronze Star, and the Korean War service medal, and his regiment received 2 battle stars. He was wounded in his arm, and he remembers Don Cale and Captain Driner. After returning to the United States, Ray had a thirty-day leave before he had to report to a Nike Hercules Project for 3 months, and then he was released from active service. He got married on February 19, 1955 to Doddy Green and was employed by the City of Stamford as a senior engineer for 41 years after being discharged from military service. Ray returned to Korea with Doddy and the senior negotiator of the UN in 1989. He passed away in April of 2008. This interview was possible because of Doddy, Ray’s loving widow, and because of the letters and photographs that he sent to her from the war, which she graciously allowed the KWVDM to use.

Ray and Dody Green

Ray Green

Green and Fellow Soldiers

Koji Island

160th Regiment- H Company

Celebrating Ray's Promotion

Ray Green with ROK soldiers


Christmas Dinner Cleanup

Rotating- Return to DMZ