Roy Aldridge

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1953 Aero Commander K16 Seoul

San Francisco, CA Pacific Ocean

Bomb Dump Bull Session

Going Home

Goodbye Japan

Coming Home from Japan

Japan Leaving for Home

Japan Sun Set Going Home

Japanes Fishing Fleet

Korean Burial Ground Mountain

Leaving for home

Rainbow Going home

Strong Marine

USNS General Buckner going home

Yokahoma Harbor

Bill Kessler

Bomb Dump Cook Out Bill Kessler

Aldridge with Deacon Parsons

De-Militarized Zone 1953

Fishing Fleet 3 Days Out 1953

Golden Gate 1953 Coming home

Golden Gate Home 1953

J.J. Malone

Japan 1953 Coming Home

Japan 1953 Going Home

Japan 1953 Waiting Coming Home

Japanese POW Camp

Jim Miles K14 Korea 1953

K14 Bomb Dump


Aerial Spraying Kimpo K14

All Packed and Coming Home

B26 67 TRW Kimpo K14

Bill Kessler& Deacon Parsons

C124 Going Home

C124 Mail Call Kimpo

All Ready and Coming Home

CWO Moore

Deacon Working

Fishing Worm

Friendly Game K14

Laundry at the Han River

Han River

Jesse Cox K14


Camp Out

Kimpo AFB K14

Kimpo Hospital & Fire Station

Loading For Home K16 Seoul

Mama San and Baby

Mine Field

Navy Jets Kimpo K14


Ox Train

Party Time K14

Radar Hill K14

Rice Patties Bomb Dump

Seoul 1953

Suwon Train

Who Has the Key?

Farmers in Korea

Yong Dong Po

Back Waters

Korean Train

Let's Go

Mama San and Baby San

Ready to Board

Ready to Come Home

Roy Aldridge

San Francisco 3 Mile Light Ship

Suwon Gate

Tokyo Suburbs

WWII POW center

Party Time Bomb Dump