Peter Joseph Doyle Jr.

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Peter Doyle Jr. (82) was born in Syracuse, NY. Before he was drafted, he was working at Bresee Chevrolet Company as a parts counter clerk and delivering parts to auto shops. He carried out his military service from September 1950 to June 1952. During his service period, he went to Pusan, Korea and was stationed on the front lines from March 1951 to January 1952. He served in the Army Company D, 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Division as a Private First Class before being discharged from the military. He was an Ammo-Bearer, carried one or two ammo cans for our squads, and participated in about four campaigns. He received a Combat Infantry Badge and Korean Service Medal for his commitments. After returning to the United States, he returned to Bresee Chevrolet Co. and remained there from 1952 to 1954. Doyle later went to aircraft mechanic school and entered into aircraft work.


Osaka Janpan 1 week august

Osaka Janpan 1 week august

Osaka Janpan 1 week august

Osaka Janpan 1 week august

Machine gun (MG) group at MLR Kumhwa, North Korea

Recoh Patrol MLR

Hill 841/ Old Baldy at Chupari

M. Stew and Machine gun, (Hill 841 / Old Baldy at Chupari)

Guard view on Old Baldy (Hill 841 / Old Baldy at Chupari)

Hole Sleeping

M. Stew and Medic Smith on hill 841- Old Baldy in Fox Hole

Jo Joong Koo and Bacon on Old Baldy

S. Seryo 55 close on Old Baldy

To our left Shelling - 31st REGT

High explosive (H.E.) Hit seen between Trees - 31st REGT

Salvage overtuned tank hit by lane-mine near

Good View convoy, freight moved to Munsan-ni (Western trip)

Sign in front of a base - out of focus

View of countryside - to munsan

Convoy stopped to munsan

Digging fox holes

SQD(squardron), TENT of M.G.S.

Nice view, M.G.S. closedup of tent

Good view of M.G.S. Fartheraway Tent

Jeep convoy to tokkol-li reserve c armys

View of Bridge Munsan to Yang gu Tokkol-li

Putting up flag pole

R.R. rifles, Platoon and Squad Tent

R.R. side view /75s pup tents

In front of Tent with 75 R.R. and M.G.S

Cleaning Machine Gun

Peter Doyle standing in fornt water cooled Machine Gun

Soldiers standing in a line

Jeep of Chaplain, Peter Doyle, vandyke being set up a shelter for mass, flag pole, hills

Mass is over. Chaplain vandyke removing vestment, back to camera

Closed up Peter Doyle, Hill 1243

On the way Peak of Hill 1243

PFC Peter Doyle eating canned food, beans

Closer veiw, Peter Doyle finised eating

A ROK soldier melting snow in helmet for water

PFC, Peter Doyle in parka

View to rear and down into "punch bowl", Peter Doyle inside "punchbowl" reserve area

close up, before shaving, Co. Dog, 17th REGT, squad tent pitched on frozen rice paddy

View of Hills of peak 1243

Pete Doyle looking at his 45 auto pistol. Men in back cleaning weapons.

View of our Co. Dog reserve area and tents of U.S. Flag

2 1/2 ton truck, tents, u.s Flag, Thawing + mud

Infantry soldiers with a dog in front of Christmas tree .

Closer view of SGT Fred Staton Atleft and PFC Bride infront of squad tent.

Closer vew of PFC Peter Doyle after shaving

PFC Peter Doyle with Sunglasses and smoking

Co. D 17th Infantry REGT. M.G. platoon men with Sunglasses

ROK Army soldiers in Co. D. 17th infantry. REGT.

PFC Pete Dpyle with SCR 300 Tow way radio

Group Marching out

Setting up Squad tent

Setting up Squad tent (closer view)

Squad tent up

View of Co. D, 17th Infantry. REGT. squad tents. Very cold.

View of Co. D, 17th Infantry. REGT. squad tents. Very cold.

View of Co. D, 17th Infantry. REGT. squad tents. Very cold.

Veiw Near 17th REGT. Command Post tent and new metal buildings

Co. D. 17th Infantry Command Post tent in center REGT.

Closer view Co. D, 17th Infantry, REGT. Command Post Tent

Order to inducted men in Syracuse

Article of two onondaga county men wounded and a syracuse man injured in Korea

The news of Russell L. Dewaters's death

Manual of the processing to start basic training

Greeting paper from Army Chaplain

Memorandum to all enlisted men processing Through IRP, Fort Devens, Mass.

Extract Order

278 R.C.T. from FR. Devens at the beer hall

Nelson Brown

Peter Doyle in front of a military truck

Soldiers lying down and taking a rest during a long trip

Doing maintenance at the military base

Battle map from 20 May to 1 July 1951

A soldier reading newspapers at dented ground***

Soldiers pointing with machine gun at mountain military base

Aritcle on great victory in first round of red offensive (overview)

Aritcle on great victory in first round of red offensive (details)

Article of SFC Joseph C. Rodriguez awarded Congressional medal of Honor - action of May 21, 1951

Lylics of "Banp Gune, Montars and High, High, Mountain"

Reaching equilibrium


Three years of war in Korea

Doyle, Leo, and Ha yong sub in reserve area Hwachon, North Korea

Leo and Doyle in reserve area Hwachon, North Korea

Doyle, Esbernet, and Chakmamjian in reserve area Hwachon, North Korea

30 caliber machine gun platoon

ROK army soldiers

Sitting with machine gun at the MLR near Kumhwa

Safe conduct pass (front)

Safe conduct pass (back)

Peter Doyle in Underground tunnel, MLR (Main line of Resistance) near Kumhwa

Command posts of first battalion, 17th infantry Regt. At the MLR. Kumhwa

Path from command posts to MLR positions

Rear slope of MLR

Fighting position on foreward slope

Bunker(Hootchie) on foreward slope

Cleaning weapons

Three soldiers on top of herby MG bunker

Three soldiers, MLR at Kumhwa

Four soldiers sitting and one looking though telescope

A view of mountain near Kumhwa

What it's like in Korea

Heroic Buffaloes Wrest Hill From Fanatical Diehard Foe

The New York Times article on Sept. 13, 1951

Going for "Old baldy", North of Kumhwa

Old Baldy/Hill 851

Soldiers sitting and smoking

Peter Doyle on Aucust 30, 1951

"""Old baldy" 2nd and 3rd battalions area 17th Infantry Regt.""

Part way "old baldy", Camarillo and Chakmakjian

Part way "old baldy", Peter Doyle

Machine Gunner on "old baldy"

Baker Co. Rifle man

Soldiers with machine gun

Doyle, ammo bearer and Camarillo, ammo bearer

Chakmakjian, ammo bearer

Camarillo, SGT. Maynard, and Jo Joong Koo

Jo Joon Koo and "Hootchie"

Peter Doyle's squad leader SGT. John Berns at old baldy/hill 851

"""Old Baldy" taken by 17th INF. REGT. DOG Co. area""

Rear Slope of "Old baldy" Dog Co., 17th INF. REGT.

Corporal, Patrick Anderson with Carbine

Gambling playing black jack

Sitting around and playing card games

Playing card games

Dog Co. 81mm Mortar Positions, bottom of hill at base of yama for a better meal.

Eating at base of yama

Hot meals after showers

Bathing in Creek

Bathing in Creek, some incoming artillery

8 in. gun at the Kumhwa positions, MLR

Propaganda to North Korean soldiers (front)

Propaganda to North Korean soldiers (back)

Safe conduct pass to North Korean soldiers (front)

Safe conduct pass to North Korean soldiers (back)

A propaganda letter from the Chinese people's volunteer forces

A propaganda flyer from the Chinese people's volunteer forces

A music score of a traditional Korean folk song in english

A letter from Catholic Chaplain to Peter Doyle's family

Korean soldiers in reserve area at Tokkol-li near Yang-gu

Two soldiers cleaning rifle

Cleaning weapons

Dog Co. 17th INF. REGT. Yang-gu

Russian truck captured from used by Dog Co. 17th INF. REGT.

Mountains near Hwachon reservoir

Dog Co. men just arrived at punchbowl front from Yang-gu

Carrying firewood across ridgeline to MG bunker on forward slope

The peak of hill 1243 and rear slope, men building 1st battalion commander's bunker.

SGT. Harry Stewart and Ha Yong Sub, ROK soldier, Hill 1243 - Punchbowl

Snow mountain, Hill 1243 Punchbowl

Chinese held hill

8th Army head quarter building

A map of Korean war posted on The Post Standard

ROK soldiers serving with Dog Co., MG platoon 17th INF. REGT.

ROK Soldier, "Kim" (Cho Chang woo), with Dog Co., 17th INF. REGT.

Tow of ROK soldiers on snow ground at punchbowl

ROK soldier, Jin Jong Man, serving with MG platton, Dog Co., 17th INF. REGT.

ROK soldiers, Jo Joong Koo and his brother

ROK soldier, Su Sang Chin, Dog Co., 17th INF. REGT.

ROK soldier standing by volley ball net

The gang from basic training, fort devens, massachussets at the beer hall
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