Norman Charles Champagne

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Norman C. Champagne (79) was born in Buffalo, NY. He was working as an oiler (maintenance) at American Standard before he enlisted. Champagne was enlisted in the military from February 1951 to February 1953. During his service period, he went to Inchon and was stationed Northeast of Munsan-Ni from October 4, 1952 to October 13, 1953. Before his discharge from the military, he served as Corporal in DOG Co. 2nd Battalion - First Marine Regiment. He was in charge of O311 Rifleman and 3531 Truck Driver, and participated in battles at Bunker Hill - Nevada Cities (Reno-Vegas-Carson-Elko), Boulder City (Hill 119) - Hook (West of Samichon River), and across the Korean Western Front (35 mi) from Panmujum to Hook near Samichon River. For his commitments, he received a Good Conduct Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, and Korean Service Ribbons with 3 stars, American Defense UN ribbon, ROK Ribbon, Korean Presidential Unit Citation, and Navy Commendation Ribbon for Guarding the Valley. After returning to the United States, he was assigned to the Naval Training Center from December to February 1953. After being discharged from military service, he returned to his old job and worked there for 17 years.


Profle Picture of Norman C. Champagne in USMC

The ship that Norm went to Korean on

Close Air Strike at Hills 150/153

Trench Line near Nevada cities Op's

Christmas morning 1952 on Front Line DOG CO. C.P.

81-mm Mortar on O. P. Reno

Two soldiers loading Flame Tank M-4 on O.P. -2

Corporal "Cash" (right) on Main Line outpost

Trench Line near Nevada cities Op's

Dog Company C.P. near Bunker Hill

Norman Champagne on outpost Vegas in Korea

SGT. Bob Howard and Hank Cheskiwicz

Korean Kids at Garbage dump truck

Korean Kids at Garbage Dump

Norman Champagne's truck

Norman Champagne with Korean boy

USMC Engineer Built Bridge over the Imjin River

Korean people sifting through garbage near USMC base for food

Certificate of Good Condunct

Christmas Propaganda to conciliate US soldiers (front)

Christmas Propaganda to conciliate US soldiers (back)

Report of seperation from The Armed Forces of the United States

Certificate of Safety

Honorable Discharge (front)

Honorable Discharge (back)

Front of Certificate of Service

Back of Certificate of Service

Geneva Connections Identification Card
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