Keith H. Fannon

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Keith Fannon (82) was born in McPherson, Kansas. He was living in Emporia, Kansas working in a department store before he enlisted. He enlisted in the Air Force December 28, 1948 and was discharged September 19, 1952. During his Korean War service, he was stationed at Kimpo K-14 from October 1, 1950 to late December 1950 when the Chinese came south. He served with the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing as an administrative driver and guard for the CO. In May 1951, he returned to Korea and was stationed at Suwon K13, where he assisted in aircraft accident investigations. He participated in 6 of the 10 major offenses. For his commitments, he received the US Presidential Unit Citation, Award for Good Conduct, WWII Occupation Medal, National Defense Service award, Korean Service with 6 stars, Korean Presidential Unit Citation, UN Korean Service award, ROK Korean War Service award, and the USAF Instructor Award. After returning to the United States, he was stationed at Chanute AFB, Illinois as a security instructor. When he was discharged in September 1952, he returned to his pre-war job, got married, and had a son and daughter. He now has 3 grandchildren and 4 grandchildren, and has worked in the electronics industry where he had his own company and later managed businesses for other firms. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and designing websites.


7th AF patch

51st F-80 safely home Kimpo

51st FIW 25th SQ F-86's Suwon

51st FIW CO Col. Francis Gabreski

51st FIW F-86 39th FIS Suwon

51st FIW F-86 at Suwon

51st FIW Jet Aces in Korean War

51st FIW 2nd frm L COL Gabreski CO #4 with radio pilot that had been shot down & rescused

51st FIW Maj Frank Forsyth & houseboy

51st FIW Maj Frank Forsyth FSO my boss

Report on Flight results in Korea

51st FIW R-C T33 25th SQ

51st FIW Suwon 9-51 F80 accident

51st FIW 25th F. SQ Pierced Steel runway

51st FIW Korea Col Davis was a Tuskegee Airman

51st FIW Marine Major John Glenn Jr

S. Korean tracks down war-era benefactor 59 years later in Calif

51st FW My office in back

51st building on right designed by my interpreter's dad

Builds Reputation

51st Wing Osan Still in Korea

51st FIW Co Col. F. Gabreski CO on R

Korean War 60th Anniversary Ceremony

Korean War 60th Anniversary Ceremony (2)

Korean War 60th Anniversary Ceremony - ROK friends

B29 from Okinawa

Betty Hutton 1952 USO show

Chang the CO's houseboy

Chinese soldier shopping at Kaesong

Christmas Card Kim, Bong Keon Col ROK ret

Discharge Orders

Drummers Dallas VA Hospital

Enlistment extension

Honorable discharge

Keith and Naha with weapon

Keith Fannon discharge

Keith Fannon Suwon

Keith at Itazuke Japan AFB

Keith Operation Permit

Kimpo Christmas Demo crew

Korean airfields map

Korean Signers Dallas VA hospital

Korean War Plaque from South Korea

Letter of appreciation

Acknowledgement letter from Dae-jung Kim (1)

Acknowledgement letter from Dae-jung Kim (2)

Letter from Keith's interpreter Lee Yoon Jip (1)

Letter from Keith's interpreter Lee Yoon Jip (2)

Maj John Glenn with 51st

Michelle and Nam Mook Dallas, TX VA

North Korean Lt. No Kum-Sok defects with MiG 9-15-53 to Suwon

North Korean Officer at the Peace talks

NW Airlines Term. Building Kimpo

Pres. Bush Award to Keith

Pres. Bush Letter to Keith

Purchased in Seoul (silk)

Purchased in Seoul (silk)

ROK friends at VA Hospital Dallas

ROK patch Seoul Market

ROK vets and singers

Shot Record from 1948-1950

Stars & Stripes cartoons K-14

Suwon village

Veterans Parade - Tae Hui Lee, Nam Mook, Michelle

USS Genl. G.M. Randall rid home

USS Genl. Nelson M. Walker to Okinawa

Veteran parade

Whizz Kid Stars and Stripes