Kenneth David Allen

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Kenneth Allen (81) was born in Syracuse, NY. He graduated from Syracuse University Maxwell School Class of 1952 before he was drafted for military service. He was enlisted in the military from summer 1952 to 1964. During his service period, he went to Pusan and was stationed at Yong Dung Po from January 1953 to March 1953. He served in 199 Regt 45 as a Private Staff Sergeant before his discharge. He was in charge of personal management, payroll, and promoting. He received two battle stars and a commendation ribbon for his commitments. After returning to United States, he moved to New York City to work for an insurance group.


A soldier holding a picture of his wife

A soldier in front of military base

Korean kids on railroad

Korean soldiers demining

Korean students playing Korean shuttlecock game, jegichagi

A Korean old man smoking and one young girl

A stone statue of a confucian

A Korean woman doing laundry with a washtub

A Korean Cabin made by logs and straw

Three Korean boys holding farming tools

A Korean family on a floor board of a house near US military base

Korean girls playing Korean see-sawing, neolttwigi next to US military base

Korean young students standing in a line

A Korean thatched house over wire mesh

Korean men leading cattle on a road

A old woman carrying a baby on her back, a young girl carrying laundry on her head, and a naked boy

A Korean woman boiling water near bridge

A soldier in front of military base

Korean kids smiling

Korean children having bath at river

Korean men carrying Korean A-frames (carriers) on their backs

Koreans at stream

A soldier at stream

Six soldiers

A military helicopter in base

A military helicopter in closer view

A bridge cross Han river

Korean service corps working on contruction

A shelter called 'Lucky shelter'

45th Infantry Division

view of 45th Infantry Division area


Half cylinder shaped buildings of 45th Inf. Div

Two soldiers with their arms around each other's shoulders

Korean movie poster

Korean kids in fromt of wire entanglement

Jeep and buildings

Farm land in Korea

Korean soldiers in front of booth

Two tanks and soldiers working on them

A solider taking a nap leaning on wall

Korean people standing in a line, in fornt of a deconstructed building

Downtown of Chuncheon

Four soldiers with their arms around each other's shoulders and big smiles.

A Korean wedding ceremony

View of mountain

Soldiers sightseeing in a traditional Japanese building

Dave Allen standing in front of his tent

Flag raising on military ceremony

Soldiers wearing helmets pose for a photograph

Marching soldiers and planes

Civil department store

Korean dog

City of Chuncheon

Dave Allen's office in 45th Infantry Division

Tent barracks

Tent for beds

Korean people and tanks in a line

Korean people in farm

Dave Allen in front of tent

Dave Allen equipped with a gun, a hat, a plume

One soldier standing deep in the wood

A soldier with mustachee and helmet

Dave Allen in front of tent

Four soldiers with their arms around each other's shoulders at Japanese store

Dave Allen - close up

Dave Allen wearing a fatigue cap

Dave Allen wearing winter coat on top of tent

Barracks of 45th Infantry Division

Dave Allen touching chimney of a tent

Dave Allen looking down on top of tent

Soldiers waving their hats

Close up shot of Dave Allen
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