James "Jim" Wetmore

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ames Wetmore (80) was born in Harvey, IL. He was doing factory work when he enlisted in February 1951. He arrived in Incheon in January 1952 and was stationed with the 25th Div., 35th Reg. Company A, 1st Platoon, 1st Squadron near the Punch Bowl. As a PFC, he participated in the winter and spring campaigns of 1952. His specialties included Bar Rifleman, Sniper School and Demolitions School. For his commitments, he received a Purple Heart, Good Conduct medal, and all Korean and UN Honors. From the war, he still recalls his fellow barman Bill Kelly. After returning from his rotation, he spent about 10 months in the hospital undergoing operations and rehab and then was assigned to Fort Knox as Chief Clerk. After his discharge, he worked for National Cash Register, Litton INP, General Dynamics, and Siemens. He spent 10 years as a Captain in the volunteer Fire Department. He belongs to KWVA Chapter 215.


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