Joseph J. Valitsky Sr.

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Sgt. Joseph J. Valitsky Jr. was born in Simson, PA. He had just finished high school and began working a factory job when he had enlisted against his parents’ wishes. He arrived in Korea 6 weeks before the cease fire, was stationed with the 65th infantry, L Company, 3rd division, and was a part of the infantry. After he was discharged in 1955, he joined the West Hartford CT Police Station as an officer for the next 33 years. Joseph was said to have often told stories of being on the front line, in a “fox hole” with another soldier, who “threw five grenades before the first one hit the ground anytime he heard a noise on the front line. When the back line would radio, Joseph would say, ‘Get me out of this fox hole, this guy is going nuts.’” Joseph suffered from PTSD. He enjoyed fishing, hunting, and carpentry. The pictures below were sent in by his daughter, Mrs. P. Bielinski, and include pictures he brought back from Korea, medals, as well as his uniform when he participated in the KWV Chapter 1 here in CT. Joseph passed away this year.

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Collage of pictures from the war

Collage of pictures from war

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