James Tilford Jones

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James Jones (85) was born in Harrison, Arkansas. He was a college student before entering the Army in College Station, TX. His military service was carried out from June 1948 to May 1954. During his service period, he went to Pusan, Korea, and was stationed at Taejon from August 1950 to November 1951. He served in the 2nd platoon leader of G Company, 35th Regt., 25th division as a 1st LT, and as a Captain before his discharge. He was the Platoon Leader (ASST 5-3, S2 Battalion), and participated in 5 major battles. He was wounded when a Chinese hand grenade exploded in his face. He received the Combat Infantry Badge, Silver Star, Bronze Star for Valor, Purple Heart, National Defense Medal, Korean Theatre with 5 battle stars, the UN Ribbon, and the ROK Medal for his commitments. After returning to the United States, he was a Duality Assurance Manager (Corporate), and worked in the food industry. He remained part of Duality Assurance after being discharged from military service. His most memorable experience from the war was the cold weather, and what impacted him most during the war was staying alive while losing some of his men. His hobbies now include photography.


James Tilford Jones with Joe Lamb

Jones Self Picture

2nd Battalion Staff, 35th Regiment, 25th Division

View of North Korea

North Korea and artillery men

US Old Show

Korean mass burial

Mourning the dead

Mourning the dead

Burial of South Koreans


Mass Burial

View of Mass Burial

Another View of Mass Burial

Picture of Deceased Guerrilla Leaders

Graves of Deceased

Near South Gate

Railroad Station

Railroad Bridge


Picture of Stalin

Yongsan Apartments

DND Headquarters

Lt. Jones

Award of the Silver Star