Joseph F. Gibson

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Joseph Gibson (79) was born in Fulton, NY. Before he enlisted in the military, he was a student. He carried out his military service from March 1949 to June 1952. During his service period, he went to Korea, where he was stationed from August 1950 to October 1951. He served in the 21st Regiment, 24th Division, Medical Company and B Company as Private First Class, transitioning to Sergeant before his discharge. He was a combat medic. For his commitments, he received a Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation, Good Conduct Medal, and Medic Combat Badge. After he returned to the United States, he served as a medic at Camp Gordan, GA. After being discharged from military service, he worked as a photo engraver for Sealright in Fulton, NY.


Profile photo of Joseph Gibson

Joseph Gibson at his military base

Joseph Gibson and his friend shaking hands

At military base, closer look

At military base

Joseph Gibson and his friends holding each other's hands

Joseph Gibson and his friend shaking hands

Joseph Gibson and his friend shaking hands

Helicopter lifting the wounded

In front of tent

Joseph Gibson and three other soldiers

With Korean boy

Joseph Gibson at his military base

Joseph Gibson at his military base

Chinese prisoners

Three of soldiers at military base

Two soldiers wearing helmets

Carrying a wounded

The em-mass movement

Korean Palace, Deoksugung Seokjojeon

Korean driving calves and A tack fallen in the wayside

Korean kids in pieces of junk

Burial ground of deads

The sign of 38th parallel

One U.S. soldier lying down on street and many koreans backward

Broken buildings in the war

Korean workers

Checking bodies

Funeral for sacrifice


Funeral for sacrifice

Koreans sitting behind wire entanglements

Rifle drills

Warship and flights of navy


A bomb ruin in city

Fire on the battle field

Bodies in a valley

Dead bodies in a valley

Chinese soldier

Tanks and soldiers in a field

Working on tank and vehicles

A Korean sitting on a jeep

Koreans waving their hands to US army tank


A Korean drivign a cow and cart

Construction on the broken bridge


An enemy

An enemy

Trucks and soldiers in snowfield


View of US army corps

Watching with binoculars

Soldiers watcing with binoculars

Soldiers checking armaments

Tents and trucks setting a base

Soldiers on a road,

Warning sign

View of explosion and warship in battle


Tanks on snow field

Tank and jeep

The North Korean war bond (front)

The North Korean war bond (back)

Indication of purple heart recipent
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