James A. Fountain

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James Fountain (82) was born in Nameoki, IL and was working for Ford Motor Company when he was drafted. On arriving in Korea in August 1952, he served as a PFC in the 2nd Infantry Division, 23rd Inf. Reg. “K” Company. By the time of his discharge, he had transitioned to a SFC. He specialized in infantry and played a role as Squad Leader and Platoon Sgt. For his commitments, he received a CIB and Korean Service medal among others. Upon being discharged, he returned to work at Ford Motor Company. His hobbies include gold and bowling.

James Fountain

Fountain at Kimpo Airfield

Preparing for Renaissance Mission

Fountain at Koji Island

Fountain with Kim Yong Oh

Fountain and his Squad

Fountain with Friends

Yong Dong Po

Amphibious Landing Craft

Congratulatory sign

Authorized Type Pass

Resting and Recooperation Orders Front

Resting and Recooperation Orders Back