John A. Fiermonte

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John Fiermonte (80) was born in Auburn, NY. He was unemployed before he enlisted. His military service lasted from December 1950 to 1958. During his service period, he went to Japan and Korea and was stationed at Yungdung Po from 1952 to 1954. He served in the US Air Force 5th Division Air 1st class before being discharged. During the war, Fiermonte was a Senior Mechanic and supplied gasoline, oil, and ammunition as well as helped to evacuate Korean citizens from Seoul and southern Korea. He received the UN Service Medal, the Korean Service Medal with 1 Bronze Star and the Korean Presidential Citation for his commitments. After he returned to the United States, he went to Carswell Air Base in Fort Worth, TX. After being discharged from military service, he got married and went into the Service Station business.



John Fiermonte in Japan

Soldiers in military base

USAF 5th Yung-deung Po


Making rice

Dilapidated buidling


Dilapidated buidlings and town

Military base in Yung-deung Po


View of mountain near base

Korean soldier being on the guard


Town at Yung-deung Po

Snow scenery in Yung-deung Po

Training at military base

Snow scenery in Yung-deung Po

View of Korean doing laundry by Han river bridge

Korean family

A Korean child

On the railroad

Sign of Yongdongpo detachment

Korean solider by wire-entanglement

Buildings in Japan

John Fiermonte getting in train

USAF 5th flights in snowfield

Korean children

John Fiermonte getting in train

Korean piling firewoods

Veiw of construction

With Korean workers

Korean family in cave

In front of statue of the Virgin Mary

Catholic church, Seoul

Doing laundry

Dilapidated buidling

The south great door

Downtown market


Christmas Dinner menu 1 (front)

Christmas Dinner menu 1 (back)

Chritstmas Dinner menu 2 (front)

Chritstmas Dinner menu 2 (back)

King -Eight Service Club

Korean women by railroad

Military base tents



In front of bathhouse

with Korean woman

Watching performance

On the road

Armed Force Liberty Pass

Special orders # 111 (front)

Special orders # 111 (back)

Reserve Orders # 55 (front)

Reserve Orders # 55 (back)

Honorable Discharge (front)

Honorable Discharge (back)

American Korean Friendship Boxing Game

Seoul City Air base

Prefix number assignment (front)

Prefix number assignment (back)

Map of Korean and Japan