Irwin Saltzman

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Irwin Saltzman (82) was born in Brooklyn, NY. Before being drafted, his work involved making store displays in NYC. His military service was carried out from October 1951 to September 1953. During his service period, he went to Korea, and was stationed at Yeong Deung Po from February 1953 to September 1953. Before his discharge, he served in the Signal Corp, 8 Army as a PFC-T. He was in charge of repairing the radar, and participated in delivering replacement radar equipment to forward positions. After returning to the United States, he was discharged and returned to work. His most memorable experience from the war was the training he received.


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Certificate of Service Back

Geneva Connections Identification Card

Irwin St and Saltzman Ave

Graduating Class photo

Saltzman with group of repairmen and technicians

Counter Mortar Radar Equipment

Counter Mortar Radar Equipment

Forward Position