George S. Covel

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George Covel (80) was born in Brooklyn, NY. He was a college student at Hofstra University before enlisting. His military service was carried out from June 1952 to May 1, 1954. During his service period, he went to Pusan, Korea and was stationed at Seoul from April 1953 to April 10, 1954. He nwas serving in the 8th US Army Band and the Honor Guard as a SGT-E5 before his discharge. He was a Bandsman and a high-speed radio operator, and participated in Spring-Summer 1953. For his commitments, he received the Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service award, the Korean Campaign Medal, and the UN Medal. After returning to the United States, he studied for his profession, became a court reporter, and raised a family after being discharged from military service. He received no wounds, and remembers Larry Cartallins, Dick Commons, and Fred Novak. His hobbies include woodworking, and he is currently in the 60th Chapter in the Adirondacks.



American G.I. George Covel

Incheon Harbor, low tide

Seoul Railway Station in 1950s

Korean Vegetable Garden

Korean Traditional House


Traditional Korean House

LST 520 that took communist POW from Keojedo to Incheon, Wolmido

Shoeshine boy in Incheon

Lst 520 (side view)

American G.I band and Korean children

Load a Korean Woman carries

Korean girls presenting flowers to band

Pagoda behind Chosun hotel

Incheon Custom House

Pagoda around Chosun hotel

Shoeshine boy


Water fountain in Chosun hotel

Woman carrying load using her head

Chosun hotel

George Covel


band marching in


A memorial for the dead 8th army in seoul

Government center (Senator Knowland Korean People Welcome You)

a plaque in the memorial for the dead of the 8th army in Seoul.

Behind bus depot (trace of severe battle between the 8th army and communist)

Inside Finance building courtyard

General Taylor

Bernie Powers

The 7th TMRS field


Where I live now


Barracks on old Japanese officers

Indian troops

Jim Beaty our room in the old compound

Indian troops

desolate Seoul

Indian troops

Seoul in 1953

Indian troops

Seoul in 1953

Honey bucket

Indian troops

papasan with a frame

Indian troops

Seoul street

Kids in Seoul street giving out candy

Seoul street

a group of kibitzers over a game of Korean chess

Welcome Vice President Richard Nixon

Korean kids

Yongsan school house

women in Seoul street

1000 steps


Incheon harbor

Korean burial ground


Han River bridge

US Finance building

Han River Railroad bridge

George Covel

old rice store