Ernesto Sanchez

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Ernesto Sanchez (85) was born in Laredo, Texas on December 4, 1928. While as a student at Texas A&I in Kingsville, Texas, Sanchez was drafted into the United States army on March 19, 1952. He arrived in Inchon, on January 1, 1953 where he was stationed in many different areas in Korea. Sanchez was part of the 40th infantry division-223 as Sergeant First class as well as a platoon leader, where he took part in the battle of No Name Hill, the Iron Triangle, and Heart Break Ridge. Sanchez received many honors including the Combat Badge, the Korean Service and Good Conduct award, and the Korea Defense award. On January 14, 1954 he departed from Korea and was discharged on February 19, 1954. After returning from his rotation he went back to college for his Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas A&I University. Sanchez’s’ stated he will never forget the suffering of the Korean people, as well as the beautiful country. Today, Ernesto Sanchez is a member of the KWVA Chapter 209 in Laredo, Texas and spends his free time doing what he loves, art.


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