David White

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David Linn White (86) was born in Worchester, Massachusetts. He had been drafted in WWII, and then was recalled for the Korean War in March of 1951. He had been a bank employee before he was recalled. During his service period, he arrived in Pusan, and was stationed in MLR Kumsong, and then the MLR Heartbreak Ridge in February of 1952. He served in the 40th Infantry division and the 160th Infantry Regiment as a 1st Lieutenant. He was an infantry platoon leader, and received the Purple Heart and Silver Star for his commitments. He was wounded in both legs and feet during the war. He went back to the US in February 1952, and stayed in the army reserve. He graduated law school after his rotation back and practiced law as an attorney. His current hobbies include gardening and studying the German language.


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