Dennis Smith

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Testing and Registration Center

Dennis Smith-Honorable Discharge Certificate

Twenty Four Hours Discussion Leaders Course Completion Certificate- Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith Service Information

Dennis Smith's Geneva Conventions Identification Card

Military Camp

Korean School

Chang Duk Palace

Dennis Smith

Korean Gate


Korean Man

Japanese Currency

Article on Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith

COK Roster Picture

Christmas Card 1

Christmas Card 1 Interior

Christmas Card 2

Christmas Card 2 Interior

Dennis Smith

Departure: NY Harbor. Destination: Japan!

Dennis Smith at the Eta Jima Service Club


Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith

Mt. Fuji Postcard


Street in Kure


US Naval Ship General C.C. Ballou

Welcome to the Far East!

Ken Carter and KATUSA Jim

Color Guard

Special Arrival Via Helicopter!

General and Col. Barnes

Award Ceremony

Ken Carter and Dennis Smith

Korean Women in Bombed Area

Wash Day

Secret Gardens of the Emperor's Palace (Korea)

South Korean Capitol Building

Lieutenant Siewers

Remembering Korea

Korean School Children's Performance


Korean School Children's Performance

Bringing 3 R's to Frontlines

Construction of Friendship School

Lieutenant George K. Sites

Streets of Korea

War Torn Building

Times Square of Seoul

Living on the Streets


Mr. Decker

Bill Slavik and Claude Yast

Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith

The Pledge

Earl Welsh

Dennis Smith

Korean Boy

Lt. Frederick W Siewers

Small Korean Village

Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith Laughing at the World

Bulletin Board

Family Laundry Postcard

13 Story Pagoda



1343D Engineer C Battalion Headquarters

Young Korean Performer

Mr. Decker


Dennis Smith and Friends

Looking Over the Latest

1343D Engineer C Battalion Mess Hall


Four Soldiers

Coming Home

Welcome Home Dinner