Donald Jones

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Donald H. Jones (84) was born in Winchester, VA. He had been working at the American Breakshoe Company before being drafted in Winchester on December 12, 1950. His military service carried out from December 1950 to May 4, 1989. During his service period, he arrived in Pusan and was stationed in Kumwa Valley from March 1951 to April 1952. He served in the 25th Division, 34th Reg., Co. K, as a CPL. He worked as an infantry radio operator, and participated in the Kumwa Valley battles. He received the CIB, National Defense, Korean Service, UN Service, Good Conduct, W VA Air National Guard, and Air Force Commendation for his commitments. After returning from his rotation, he worked at Aber Company, and after being discharged, Donald took numerous part time jobs. His hobbies now include collecting easels and putting puzzles together.


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