Andrew Greenwell

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Andrew Greenwell (83) was born in Leonardtown, Maryland. He had been a student of the University of Maryland before enlisting in Leonardtown in 1953. His military service carried out from 1953 to May 2, 1955. He first arrived at the K-2 Air Force Base in Taegue, Korea, and was stationed at there from December 1953 to October 1954. He served in the 73rd Ingr. Aun Sup Pt. Co. as a PVT upon entering and a CPL before his discharge. He was in charge of messenger engineering, and worked to deliver highly classified mail and documents to bases in Korea and Japan. He was named the Distinguished Citizen of Hampton by the Hampton City Council for his commitments. After returning to the United States, he reentered the University of Maryland as a Student. He graduated from college as a journalist, married, and became a news reporter. He says that the most memorable experience of the war was receiving Marilyn Monroe’s autograph at the K-2 AFB in Taegue. What he says impacted him most was meeting outstanding infantry combat veterans and fellow soldiers and “the beloved people of South Korea.”


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