Anthony J. Deblasi

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Anthony Deblasi (80) entered the Army in 1953, trained as a radio repairman, and was assigned to the 304th Signal Battalion in Korea. His basic training had been at Camp Gordon, GA and radio school at Fort Monmouth, NJ. In Korea, he was stationed in the village of Bupyong with the Radio Operation Company. He rotated home from Korea in January 1955, and was discharged upon arriving at Camp Kilmer, NJ. He then worked at the Brooklyn Army Terminal first as a supply clerk in the radio repair shop and then as a computer programmer. He now lives in Maine and writes about his experience (in Military magazine and KWVA’s Graybeards magazine), helping to keep the memory of the Korean war alive.

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Anthony J. DeBlasi

Anthony J. DeBlasi.

Anthony J. DeBlasi, Acting Cpl of the Guard

Radio Operation Company, 304th Sig Bn

Warning Sign, Radio Co

Korean Sign, Radio Co

Anthony J. DeBlasi at the Sandbags, Radio Co

Japanese-occupation barracks, Radio Co

Inside a Hut - Tony on his Bunk

Bunker Behind the Huts, Radio Co

ANGRC-26 Mobile Radio-Teletype Rig, Radio Co

Radio-teletype Operator, Radio Co

KATUSA Lt Kim, Red Cross Treat, Radio Co

Rice Paddies


Girl & Child

Girls Jumping Off Teeter Board

Old-timer with Bamboo Pipe

Washing Clothes

Korean with Honey Buckets

Funeral Procession


Beer Can Chapel

Trip to Yanggu - McKim, DeBlasi, Struwe, Ladd

Trip to Yanggu - Co. D men, 21st Inf Reg, 24th Inf Div

Trip to DMZ

Trip to DMZ

Trip to DMZ

Tony's second Christmas in Korea

Christmas Card Envelope

Honorable Discharge

Tony's Award Case & a Friend's Painting from Picture 'Old-timer with Bamboo Pipe'

Anthony J. DeBlasi