Submit your Interviews and Artifacts

Thank you for your interest in submitting to the Digital Memorial. In order to publish your submissions, you will need:


1) A signed release form AND DD214’s for each veteran
2) Interviews with high audo and video quality; videos should be at least 720p
3) Interviews that have been edited to reduce redundancies and/or errors
4) A bio for each veteran to accompany his/her interview; please see the Bio Letter, which will assist you in writing these short bios
5) [If applicable] Artifacts, which should be scanned so they can accompany the veteran's interview on his/her profile


If you are going to submit your interview, please use our interview protocol. Again, when you submit your interview and digitalized artifacts, please download the release form, sign it, and attach it along with your other files. (Please note that both resolutions for images and resolutions for videos need to be more than 640*480 and 720*480 for each.) If you need any helps for submitting your interview and artifacts, please contact us.


Once you have secured all the items listed above in their correct formats, you may upload your materials at the KWLF File Drop.