Youth Program and Internship

KWVDM hosts a Youth Program (13-18 students) and Internship Program (18+ college students) for anyone interested in working with the staff to further build the KWVDM. The Youth Program and Internship are meant to build the student’s understanding of the Korean War and to engage with Korean War Veterans in order to gain first-hand understanding of the meaning and importance of the war.

As a student member of KWVDM you will gain experience working in a professional environment with graduate students and professors and learn more about the Korean War, veterans’ affairs, and foreign policy. As a reward for their efforts, the Youth Program and Internship will award students with an official certification of completion and their paper (written during the program) published directly on the website. A recommendation may be provided when requested after completion of the entire youth program or internship.

KWVDM Youth Program

The KWVDM Youth Program is similar to a community service program. Teenagers learn about KWVs in their area and develop a student-mentor relationship. Students help both KWVDM and KWVs preserve veterans’ data.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
• Uploading information of your KWV mentor to the website
• Maintain KWV mentor’s information so it is up-to-date
• Students will find ways to reach out to some of their peers, organizations, or communities (e.g. school presentation, Boy/Girl Scouts of America, Kiwanis Club, etc.) to spread the message of KWVDM
• Write a short report (1-2 pages) about your time with your mentor and the lessons you learned about the Korean War. We will publish your piece to the website.

• Energetic teenagers interested in giving back to their community
• Interest in learning about Asia, war veterans, history, or international relations

KWVDM Internship

The KWVDM Internship targets college-aged students and requires a bit more responsibility. Like the Youth Program, the Internship will require students to seek out KWV mentors in their area and then develop a relationship with a mentor.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
• Archiving your KWV mentor’s experiences and the experiences of other Korean War Veterans you meet onto the KWVDM database
• Assist staff with grant writing
• Write a report containing the experiences your mentor tells you about, information you learned from the database on the KWVDM database, the ways KWVs impact the U.S. today. how they can encourage other students to learn about the KWV and the Korean War
• Depending on the semester (spring, fall, or summer), the interns will need to propose a Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, or Independence Day event for KWVs that will effectively present what they learned and how they developed throughout the internship.

• All majors considered, but with a preference for Political Science, History, Government, International Relations, Military History, and/or Asian Studies.
• Must be able to provide two references

By then end of the internship, students should…
• Learn about the Korean War, its origins, what happened, the roles of participating countries, its importance at the time and how it affects today’s politics.
• Be able to speak about the Korean War and KWV with confidence to their peers
• Maintain a relationship with their veteran mentor even after the internship is over
• Refine professional writing skills


Youth Program application and Internship application (internship applicants please attach as a resume as well).

For completed applications or if you have any questions regarding the Youth Program or Internship activities please contact