Acknowledgements and Thanks

The Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial has arrived at its current stage by no single person’s efforts. It is thanks to the diligence, hard work, faith and support of many people that has made this project as successful as it is today—and still growing.
I want to thank all members of the Korean War Veterans Association Central New York Chapter #105, Inc., for their enthusiastic support and participation in this pilot project, and recognize my project team members (Youngseek Kim, In-Kyung Choi, Jinhee Park, Fotini Gan, Janet Lee, Jihyung Lee, Joe Leogrande, Matthew Whitnall) for their dedication to collect, arrange, manage, and present the historical data of KWVs. I want to give a special thanks to my colleague, Professor Yoo Seong-joon of Sejong University and his team members (Hanhoon Kang, Jeongbae Kim), for his leadership in constructing the KWVDM website.
Finally, I want to especially recognize the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of Republic of Korea for its decision to financially support this pilot project. Also, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude toward CEO Park, Byeong Yeop of Pantech Co. , Ltd for his gracious donation to the Korean Peninsula Affairs Center of the Maxwell School of Syracuse University , which has been an important contribution to the completion of this digital memorial.
In next 5 years, the KWVDM will be enriched with more interviews and artifacts from KWVs in other states and countries. I am confident that this will be the best way to honor our past, to preserve historical data, and to educate our future generations with the lessons learned from the Korean War.
Jongwoo Han
President, KWLF