To the Veterans from the DC Anniversary

August 7, 2012
Dear Korean War Veterans,


My name is Hyemin Han. You may or may not remember me, but I’m sure you know my dad, Dr. Jongwoo Han who is the director of the Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial (KWVDM) and the president of the KWVDM Foundation. I had the great opportunity to accompany him to Washington, D.C. this July to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. As I assisted my dad’s interviews with you, I came to know of your sacrifices during the Korean War.  As a result, I realize how important it really is to document your experience, sacrifices, memories and messages.


However, while talking to chairman and directors of the “Tell America” program, I realized that there is another step that has to be taken. This step is to connect your memories with my generations and me.  This is because although your memories might be documented, those interviews and scanned materials will be of no use unless we use them. Ultimately, I realized that your grandchildren, and possibly great grandchildren are the ones we need to work with for the next step. By working with them, I want to spread the word of your sacrifice and legacy to the younger generation. I know that most of them have a Twitter or Facebook account, and I think that these social networks will be the most effective bridge that connects the KWVDM with the rest of the world. Not only can we spread it to the younger generation, but also people in other countries and those who know nothing of it. With these powerful online social medias, we will be able to make the KWVDM more popular to people all over the world.


This is my objective in writing to all of you today; not only to thank you for your sacrifice and willingness to have an interview with us, but to also ask for your help once again. Please talk to your grandchildren about this and send me their contact information so that I can explain to them what I just explained to you and ask them for their help. In this way, we can make sure that your sacrifice was not only not in vain, but also an example for the future generations to come.


Unfortunately, we don’t have much time. My goal is to be able to talk to your grandchildren and come up with a video or slideshow about their view of your interviews or their experience on Korea to present in the Annual Convention at St. Louis this October. By presenting the willingness and interest the younger generation has on the Korean War and the KWVDM we can launch and begin our venture to create a “grandchildren’s movement” of some sort to preserve and honor your sacrifices.


Thus, as we agreed in Washington D.C., I sincerely request that you to talk to your grandchildren and send me their contact information to my email address: or call me at 315-637-9836.


Looking forward to hearing from you and launching grandchildren network of KWVs soon,


Sincerely yours,
Hyemin Han