John Edwards (78) was born in Newport News, VA. He was doing farming with his father in Smithfield, VA before he was drafted from the National Guard at Fort Jackson, SC. His military service was carried out from December 1956 to 1958. During his service period, he went to Aseon City, Korea as part of the 24th Infantry Division, 3rd Eng BN and 1st Cav, 8th Eng BN. His specialty was as a combat engineer. For his commitments, he was honored with an Outstanding Trainer Combat Eng. Medal. The friends whom he recalls include Butler, Travino and Snypes. Upon returning from his rotation, he reported to the Army Reserves for 6 years. After being discharged, he returned to farming and worked in a meat packing company, as an insurance manager, and as a deputy sheriff. Now, his hobbies include hunting and shooting handguns. He belongs to KWVA Chapter 191.