Ezra F. Williams (79) was born on February 2, 1933. Before he enlisted, he was working at the Caterpillar Tractor Company. His military service was carried out from November 28, 1951 to November 27, 1954. During his period of service, he went to Inchon, Korea, and was stationed at the Front Line-Mid Sector from July 5, 1952 to June 1953, when he was rotated from Korea to Japan. He served as a PVT in the 3 Bn 7th Regiment, 1st Marine Division, G-I-H Company upon entering the service, and he had transitioned to a PFC by the time of his discharge. He was the 81 mm mortar FO (Forward Observer) with the infantry, and participated in the 81 mm FO, Bunker Hill, among others. For his commitments, he received a total of ten medals, including the Good Conduct Medal and the Purple Heart. After returning to the United States, he went into civil service. After being discharged from military service, he retired from civil service. The most memorable experience of the war for him was Bunker Hill on August 14, 1952, which was also the day on which he was wounded. In the past, his hobbies included hunting, fishing, and traveling, but now he tries to keep busy.