Ronald Rosser (82) was born in Columbus, Ohio. He was working in a coal mine before he enlisted. His military service was carried out from November 13, 1946 to October 31st, 1968. During his service period, he went to Pusan, Korea, and was stationed at the Central Front from July 1951 to June 1, 1952. He served in the HU MTR CO., 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division as a PFC upon entering, and transitioned to a SFC E7 before his discharge. He was the Infantry Forward Observer, and participated in the summer offense of 1951, the winter offense of 1951 and 1952, and the spring offense of 1952. He received the Medal of Honor and the CIB for his commitments. After returning to the United States, he went to the Army Reserve Institution, opn Sgt, G3, Southern Area Command, Germany. He was the chief of police, a veterans administrator, and a school teacher after being discharged from military service. He received wounds in his right shoulder and hand. What impacted him most during the war was the plight of the Korean people. His most memorable experience was hand-to-hand fighting on Heartbreak Ridge.