William Puls (80) was born in Queens Village, NY. He was working in Long Island as a carpenter’s helper when he was drafted. His military service was carried out from December 4, 1952 to September 25, 1954. During his service period, he was processed at Sasapo Sapen, and arrived at Inchon, Korea. He was stationed at the Inje Village from May 1953 to September 1954. He served in the 180th Regiment, 45th Division of the US Army as a PCT upon entering, and as a Corporal before his discharge. He was an ammo bearer (81 mm mortars), and participated in the Outpost Queen of Christmas. He got the CIB, UN Service Medal, and the Campaign Ribbon for his commitments. Two months after returning to the United States, he began working as an electrician and continued all the way through to his discharge. The most memorable experience of the war for him was fighting in an unknown land. His hearing was impaired during the war, and his hobbies include walking.