Salvatore Scarlato (79) was born in Brooklyn, NY. He was working as a laborer before enlisting. His military service was carried out from October 14, 1951 to November 14, 1953. During his period of service, he went to the West coast of Korea, at the Jamestown Line Combat Zone, and was stationed on the West Coast 40 miles form Panmunjeom on the Front line (MLR) from April 14, 1952 to April of 1953. He served in the B Company, 1st Shore Party Batallion, 1st Marine Division as a private before his discharge. He participated in Kimpo Peninsula, Bunker Hill, Siberia (58), Nevada City (Vegas, Reno, Carson), The Hook. He received many honors for his commitments. After returning to United States, and after he was discharged from the military, he received medical treatment from VA Veterans Hospital. When asked what the most memorable experience of the war was for him, he mentioned how horrible it was. What impacted him most during the war was that he helped to free South Korea from the Communists, and it then went on to become one of the best economies in the world. His hobbies include helping other veterans. He is currently the President of the KWV Long Island Chapter and the NYS KWVA.