Luigi Montani (75) was born in Queens, NY. He was doing construction work before he enlisted at Jamaica, NY. His military service was carried out from 1955 to May 1958. During his service period, he went to Japan in 1955, and later arrived in Incheon, Korea, and was stationed North of the Imjin River on the DMZ on the West Coast of Korea from 1955 to March 1958. He served in Company B, First Battalion, First Cavalry Division, as a Private First Class before his discharge. He was in charge of the Infantry Unit and hooking up communication lines, and served along the 38th parallel, patrolling and keeping the North Koreans in check. He received the Korean Defense Service Medal for his commitments. After returning to United States, he did construction work again, and married his sweetheart after being discharged from military service. His most memorable experience during his service after the Korean War was visiting/working at the orphanages. He donated part of his paycheck to help the Presbyterian orphanage and children. He says, the children loved playing with him. Though he had frostbite in both feet and severe hearing loss, he says that he was fortunate not to have received major wounds. What impacted him most during the war was seeing the dead bodies flow down the Imjin the Hans Rivers, the fighting, and always having to be on guard (because confronting Communists was his job). His hobbies include cooking (making spaghetti sauce) and gardening (growing tomatoes).