Pasquale Morga (82) was born in New York City. He was boxing in New York City before he was drafted. His military service was carried out from 1951 to June 1953. During his service period, he went to Korea and was stationed at Pusan and Ulsan from December 1951 to April 1953. He served in CoB 772 M.P. Bn as a corporal before his discharge. He was in charge of railroad security, and guarded railroad cars and railroad yards all throughout Korea. He got the Soldier Medal for Valor, the Good Conduct Medal, and the UN and Korean Service Medals for his commitments. After returning to the United States and being discharged, he worked at the Department of Sanitation for New York City. His most memorable experience form the war was going on R+R, and what impacted him the most was how the children of Korea were always hungry and cold in the winter. He says, he tried his best to give them his rations and money. Today, he is affected by PTSD.