Noreen (Smith) Jankowski was the wife, and is now the widow to Edward J. Jankowski for close to 55 years. During the war, she was employed at the U.S. Hoffman machinery corporation (Navy Division) for full time secretarial work, while working part time evening at the Snow Flake Bakery. When asked of her feelings about being separated from her husband, she that she missed him, was lonely, and worked extra hours to keep busy. She says that they were not married while he was in the service; she lived at home with her parents. When Edward returned home, she says that they dated 3 years until he went into service. “I was in high school when we met. Then I waited 2 years for him while he was away. He was discharged May 1954. We were married August 1954.” She says that the things that had changed about him after he returned from the war were that he was “2 years older, more mature, grateful that he lived in America, and for the opportunities here. He would have liked to go back to Korea on one of the tours with his buddies that he served with, but his health at that time wouldn’t permit it.”
Pantech Supported Interview