Richard Fastenau (82) was born in Westbury, Long Island. He was returning to college when he was drafted. His military service was carried out from October 7, 1951 to October 8, 1959. During his service period, he went to Incheon, Korea and was stationed up front at the main line of resistance and outposts, also known as the ‘Iron Triangle’, from April 1951 to July 1952. He served in the 40th Infantry, Baker Company, as a corporal before his discharge. He was in charge of infantry and military police, and participated in the Iron Triangle and 57 Recoilless Rifle. After he was discharged, he returned to college and worked at a post office part-time. He later worked in New York City in commercial insurance in the Wall Street area, got married, and had kids. What he remembers most about the war was being bored. He says, “Sure, you had to be attentive, but nothing really happened in the daytime. After a while, everything became the same.”
Pantech Supported Interview