Glenn Paige (83) was born in Brockton, MA on June 28, 1929. He had completed his freshman year at Princeton University (1947-48) when he enlisted in the artillery ROTC program as a private in the NJ National Guard. He enlisted in the Regular Army in August 1948 and, after leadership school and OCS, was commissioned 2nd Lt. in October 1949. After AAA artillery school, he was assigned as assistant communications officer in the 10th AAA Group attached to the 2nd Infantry Division. He arrived in Pusan, Korea on September 4, 1950. The 10th AAA Group was attached in ground support of the 1st ROK Division and fought from Taegu to the capture of Pyongyang, the Battle of Unsan, and Chinese intervention until it was detached to return to its air defense role in Seoul in December 1950. Upon returning from Korea on September 15, 1952 as 1st Lt., he served as aide to the commanding general of the AAA defenses of Washington, DC. He received the Korean service medal w/7 bronze stars and the Army commendation medal. He completed his military service as Capt. USAR in December 1960. After returning from Korea, he studied politics, Princeton A.B. 1955; Asian Studies (Korea), Harvard A.M., 1957; and Political Science, Northwestern, Ph.D. 1959. His doctoral dissertation ?The Korean Decision: June 24-30, 1950?, which was based on interviews with President Truman and other top leaders, was published in 1968. He returned to Korea as a research adviser in the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University (1959-61). After teaching at Princeton (1961-67) and the University of Hawaii (1967-92), he retired as professor emeritus and founded the nonprofit Center for Global Nonviolence (1994), which then became the Center for Global Nonkilling (2008-present) []. Among his publications is ?Nonkilling Korea: Six Culture Exploration? (2012) co-published by the SNU Press. Among the friends whom he remembers from the war are Gen. Paik Sun Yup, Master Sergeant Arthur P. Long, Col. William H. Hennig, Lt. Col. Forrest L. Martz, Capt. William Rawcliffe, and Capt. Arthur C. Brooks, Jr. His hobbies include reading and music.
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