William, or Bill, was born on 25 july 1929 in Jersey City, NJ. He attend St. Paul for the Cross Parochial School and Dickinson High School. He joined the Army on 18 August 1946, took basic training at Fort Dix, NJ, and after completion was assigned to the 20th Infantry Regiment in Kwangju, Korea. When his tour of duty was completed in December 1947, he returned to the Us for discharge at Camp Stoneman, CA. He re-enlisted for assignment to the 24th Infantry Division. Upon arrival in Japan, he was assigned to the 19th Infantry Regiment in Beppu, Japan. When the Korean War began, Borer’s unit was immediately shipped to Korea to support the South Korean Army. Bill fought in all the major battles, starting with the battle of the Kum River on 15 July 1950 and all the battles on the way south to Busan where General Walker established the Busan Perimeter. Bill was evacuated to Tokyo General Hospital in Japan to recover from wounds and an illness contracted while behind enemy lines. He recovered in time to rejoin his regiment in the Busan Breakout and fought in all the major battles to recapture Seoul and Pyongyang, their capitol. During a fight around Anju, North Korea, Borer was wounded and taken prisoner by the North Koreans on 4 November 1950 and held until his release on 1 September 1953. Upon release, he was evacuated to Valley Forge Hospital in Pennsylvania where he stayed until April 1954 when he re-enlisted. Bill then spent the remainder of his career in various assignments in Europe and the Far East until his retirement on 31 May 1967. His awards include the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, along with many other awards and decorations. Borer is married to the former France Nicole Fle’ of Marseille, France whom he met while on a tour of duty in Bangkok, Thailand. They have one son, Bruce.