VINCENT ARIOLA, 84 was born in Chicago, Illinois. A first generation American, his parents sent 3 of 4 sons to fight in wars. After graduating high school he went to work as a shipping clerk. On his 21st birthday he received his draft notice and was processed in the Army at FT. Sheridan on 10/31/51 and sent to FT Knox Ky the 3rd Armor Division for armor training with the M4Sherman tank. “In June 1952 I was shipped to Inchon, Korea and moved on to Seoul, Korea. I was attached to the 245th Tank Battalion which was attached to the 45th Infantry Division. The 45th launched a two-phased series of attacks to establish patrol bases in the Old Baldy area fighting against the Chinese armies. Our Sherman Tanks and troops defended the Old Baldy area against many Chinese troops. I do admit I have terrible PSTD and do not feel comfortable talking of my time in the area. In August my mother passed away and my father was in very bad health and I was shipped to the States for the aid of my family. I was then attached to FT Sheridan and was honorably discharged on July 30, 1953. I went to work in Chicago as a Production Manager for one company for 20 years and another company for 21 years. During this time I aided my family, married, and raised my two children in the Chicago area. Married for over 47 years and we are very proud of our children, who both have productive and successful careers and families. Our son served in the Army and left as a Captain. Fifteen years ago we moved to Las Vegas, NV and I attend a Senior PSTD Support Group at our VA Health Facility."