Robert B. Arend was born on June 4, 1932 in Toledo, Ohio. In 1951, Arend was attending the University of Toledo and was also a member of the Ohio National Guard. The unit was called to active duty in December 1951 and Arend was sent to Camp Polk in Louisiana for training. At Camp Polk, Arend received training as a Personnel Specialist and also in CBR Warfare. Arend was sent to Korea in December of 1952 and assigned to the 8137th Army Unit at the POW Camp in Koje-do. There, he was assigned to personnel work and also as a Rifle Squad Leader. At the end of the war, Arend was in charge of a unit that did the paper work for the repatriation of the prisoners. In November 1953, Arend left Korea and was discharged in California, where he stayed and joined his family in the retail meat business and eventually owned three stores. After some time Arend left the retail business and went into wholesale foods. Arend left California in 1980 and moved to Southern Utah where he operated a Food Distribution Co. Arend is currently retired in 1994 and lives in Kanarraville, Utah.