William E. Weber (88) was born in Chicago, IL, and had graduated from high school when he enlisted on February 25, 1943. He arrived in Pusan on August 27, 1950, and was stationed at the Kimpo Airfield. He was a part of the 187th airborne regimental combat team with the rank of captain. He was a part of many battles/military campaigns, including the Incheon operation, liberation of Seoul, and occupancy of Pyongyang. For his commitments, he received the DSM, SS, BSW/V, LOM, PH/3, and CM/2. He had been wounded in his right shoulder, and lost his arm and leg. He was evacuated because of his wounds in 1951, and remained on active duty in the army following hospitalization. He retired on September 30, 1980, and from then on did civic/military volunteer work. His hobbies now include writing and volunteer work.